Nancy Kwang Johnson

Biography I’m a native New Yorker and have lived on two military bases and in my mother’s homeland of South Korea. I possess an MPA, MA, PhD (Cornell University, Government), MAT-TESOL (University of Southern California), and a BA (Vassar College, Political Science). At MIIS, I specialize in French (IPD). Areas of interest My areas of […]

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Hannah Harris

Biography From the mountains of Pennsylvania, I’m a scientist and scholar with a background in astrophysics, studying nuclear issues at MIIS. I’ve worked in Asia, Europe, and America in labs and observatories studying black holes and communicating science to everyone from kindergartners to parliamentarians. Areas of interest I’m broadly interested in the intersection of science […]

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Eda Ergun Binen

Biography I am a localization expert with extensive experience in the field, and currently pursuing a MA degree in Translation and Localization. I am passionate about bridging cultural and linguistic barriers through localization to create seamless communication. Areas of interest I believe in the transformative potential of language and its ability to open doors for […]

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Molly Ryan

Biography I am an International Environmental Policy student focusing on Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. I came to MIIS as an evacuated Peace Corps Volunteer with a background in climate policy. Areas of interest I am interested in the intersection of environmental policy, climate justice, ocean health and human rights. Project description I will be […]

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Maria Zaharatos

Biography I am a Public Administration student, focused on collective impact and systemic social change. I am a French-Greek American from Texas with a passion for fostering community. My professional experience is in international relations, non-profit organizational development and social entrepreneurship. Areas of interest My areas of focus include youth empowerment, social/economic/cultural justice, and civic […]

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Robin Riebman

Biography After being a traveling educator, photographer, and hospitality professional for many years, I found my calling. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina with my partner and our cat, and dog. We work remote which gives us the flexibility to travel and spend time visiting out families and friends. Areas of interest I use technology […]

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Katarina Zomer

Biography I am a Michigan native who was born in Hungary and lived overseas for the first half of my life. I am currently a fourth semester MPA/IPD graduate student with recent experience interning with UNICEF, the US Department of State, USAID, and the French Embassy in the US. Areas of interest My general areas […]

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Konstantin Larionov

Biography I am a fourth-semester Dual Degree Program in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies student with experience in policy research organizations dedicated to global security issues. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Ural Federal University with a focus on Spanish. Areas of interest I specialize in WMD non-proliferation, arms control, and disarmament at […]

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Mary Zuccarello

Biography I am a third semester MIIS student in the International Environmental Policy program focusing on sustainability management. I previously worked in international trade in Washington, D.C. Areas of interest I am interested in sustainable food systems and sustainable finance. Project description My project is focused on the relationship between drought and conflict. […]

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Karan Kunwar

Biography I am a student of environmental policy with experience in research, project design and implementation. Areas of interest I am interested in understanding messiness, brokering relationships and dabbling into finding sweet spots in designing solutions. Project description Our project, “Beyond Performativity in Inclusion: Land Acknowledgment at MIIS,” aims to provide documentation and analysis of […]

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Juliette Green

Biography I am originally from Alaska but have been fortunate enough to have been able to live and travel all over. My time studying abroad in Japan inspired my love for international education, which brought me to MIIS where I am training to create these experiences for future generations. Areas of interest I am an […]

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Guiqiong Chen

Biography I got a BA in English Language and Literature from Zhejiang University (ZJU), China, in 2021. Currently, I am working toward the MA degrees in International Policy and Development in MIIS and International Organization and International Communication in ZJU. Areas of interest My main research interests lie in issues regarding international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) […]

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Arthur Eschbach

Biography As a Master’s of International Environmental Policy candidate specializing in Sustainability Management, I am passionate about sustainability in our built environment. But while I am passionate about sustainable cities and development, I love to surround myself in nature whenever possible. Areas of interest Decarbonization, affordable housing, renewable energies – both utility scale and distributed, […]

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Alex Christodoulou

Biography I am an International Environmental Policy master’s candidate from the East Bay Area. I have previously worked at the U.S.-Mexico border coordinating humanitarian aid and as a field researcher in the Colombian Andes and Amazon Basin. Areas of interest I am primarily interested in environmental conflicts around extractive industries. Project description Alongside Dylan Moglen, […]

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Martin Juarez Manzano

Biography My upbringing as a son of immigrants and my community development background have framed my journey to engage in public service and work toward the common good. This pursuit has brought together my love for collaborative problem-solving and social action into my academic and professional life. Areas of interest My areas of interest involve […]

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Shizuka Kuramitsu

Biography I am a second year Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies student originally from Hiroshima, Japan, and a current intern at United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research in Geneva. During my study at MIIS, I worked as a graduate research assistant for Critical Issues Forum at James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Areas of interest My […]

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Dylan Souquet Moglen

Biography A Dual MAIPD/MPA Masters and conflict resolution certificate candidate, I have previously worked as a conflict analyst, policy researcher and field anthropologist bringing a variety of experiences to the fellowship. Areas of interest Areas of focus include conflict resolution, reconciliation and healing, and the intersection between peace-building and cultural sustainability. Project description Alongside fellow […]

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Julian Hernandez-Webster

Biography I’m a dual degree International Policy & Development/Public Administration student at MIIS, focusing on the study of migration-related policy, patterns, and experiences. I hope to facilitate the integration of migrants into host country societies by transforming common conflicts in this context. Areas of interest I am interested in human rights and humanitarian protections, especially […]

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Megan Spitzer

Biography I am a 4th semester MA Candidate in the International Environmental Policy program with a concentration in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. I previously attended UC Santa Cruz where I studied International Politics and Marine Biology. Areas of interest Growing up on islands in Micronesia and the Caribbean, I became passionate about both the […]

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Hayle Siow

Biography As a localizer with almost a decade of project management experience in the advertising and publishing industries, I strive to solve problems by combining technical expertise with intercultural skill sets. I’m currently pursuing a MA degree in Translation and Localization Management, and hope to become a change maker in the industry. Areas of interest […]

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Nicole Irigoyen

Biography I am local to the Monterey/Salinas area and a graduate of CSUMB. Unwaveringly committed to equity for marginalized populations, I am described by my colleagues as equal parts fierce and compassionate. Areas of interest I am interested in upholding and promoting human rights, including gender justice, racial justice, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline. Project […]

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Project Thing

Gracchum patrem non beatiorem fuisse quam fillum, cum alter stabilire rem publicam studuerit, alter evertere. Causa autem fuit huc veniendi ut quosdam hinc libros promerem. An ea, quae per vinitorem antea consequebatur, per se ipsa curabit? Quod vestri non item. Negat esse eam, inquit, propter se expetendam. Sapiens autem semper beatus est et est aliquando […]

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